As a leading rehab group based in Cape Town, South Africa, we are here to support people struggling with addiction. How can we assist you?


    Our ambition is to be the final rehab program that your client, you or your loved one will need to follow, as we strive to be your best chance of getting through this once and for all.

    Research shows that clients who spend a long time in a treatment program have a better chance of success and leading happy lives.  This is why we’ve developed the Harmony Addiction and Psychiatric Group. We will be there from Primary Care, Secondary Care and Extended Tertiary Care.  We also offer Continuous Care to our clients with weekly individual and group sessions even after their stay with us.

    Harmony Clinic
    Cape Town

    Private Primary & Secondary Care Dual Diagnosis & Psychiatric Hospital

    This is our Primary Treatment Facility. During this initial three-week phase of treatment, clients will be detoxed (when needed) and receive a high level of medical, psychiatric and addiction treatment.

    Harmony Hospital is where residents can also receive Extended Treatment. They can experience real-life triggers whilst off the premises but are offered containment and support during program time. During this three or six-week phase, patients have six groups a day and see their focal therapist twice a week.

    Ixande Clinic
    Cape Town

    Private Primary & Secondary Care Dual Diagnosis & Psychiatric Hospital
    Ixande is the sister Clinic of the Harmony Hospital situated in Cape Town’s leafy suburb of Kenilworth. Here we offer the same treatment and level of care as we do at Harmony for both our clients’ Primary – and Secondary Treatments.

    living house

    Private Tertiary Care Facility

    The Harmony Living House Tertiary Facility is a supported environment for residents to develop their recovery whilst learning and implementing new life skills. The clients get to spend their time either doing Living House structured activities, exploring the beauty of Cape Town, and doing voluntary work, studying or paid work.

    In Tertiary Care, residents can integrate their learning from Primary and Extended Care with their recovery community and experience the world-class beauty and wonder of Cape Town and its surroundings. Residents can experience the local culture; enjoying trips and experiences (to name a few) such as African wildlife safari; whale watching; shark cage diving; white sand beach days; visiting the penguin colony; seeing Robben Island (where Nelson Mandela was for many years) and an array of other experiences of a lifetime. We’ve highlighted a few must-see places for those who visit our beautiful location.

    palm tree clinic
    Cape Town

    Boutique, General Psychiatric Unit

    A boutique general private psychiatric hospital. For over a decade Palm Tree Clinic has helped hundreds of people reclaim their mental health and a sense of self through individualised psychiatric care.

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