As a leading rehab group based in Cape Town, South Africa, we are here to support people struggling with addiction. How can we assist you?

    Continuous Growth

    We recognise the importance of continuing care in our patients’ recovery journey and therefore providing various services post-in-patient treatment.

    Firstly, all of our alumni are encouraged to join our weekly aftercare which is facilitated online on zoom on Saturday mornings. This support session helps our patients to connect with their peer group and Harmony staff each week and offers the opportunity to share the challenges of their week and continue to learn better ways to enhance their recovery.

    Secondly, depending on which package of treatment you decide upon you will have a number of one-on-one therapeutic sessions to support you once you are back home.

    Online Relapse Prevention Groups are also regularly held with international addiction professionals to keep you up to date and offer further support.

    Alumni Events are being planned for the end of 2023 so that you can return to Harmony and rejuvenate with “Refresher Recovery Retreats.” These retreats will not only help you reset your recovery but again give life-long memories of new African experiences that combine a residential recovery retreat; relapse prevention and all the best that South Africa has to offer from a tourism perspective.

    THE harmony group program

    We take an evidence-based approach to our therapeutic program by combining the latest research in drug and alcohol addiction. We help our clients rebuild their lives so they can return home to their loved ones and lead a more fulfilling life.

    The treatment begins with a medical detox in our specialized detox unit (when needed) – this is a critical stage of the recovery process for many. On arrival, the patient is seen by one of our nurses (on duty 24 hours a day) and then seen by one of our specialist medical doctors to undertake a detox regime (if needed).

    The patient then has a consultation with one of our psychiatrists onsite. We know that many of our clients in addition to having been diagnosed with a substance use disorder/process addiction may also be dealing with loss, trauma or a co-morbid psychiatric condition: e.g., anxiety; major depressive disorder; bipolar mood disorder and attention deficit disorder. Due to the complexity of dual diagnosis, we are able to use pharmacology alongside other treatment modalities. As far as we know, our patients spend more time with our psychiatrists than at any other facility. This includes two weekly one-on-one psychiatrist sessions and four psychiatrist-led groups per week during Primary Treatment.   

    The foundation of all that we do at Harmony Private Addiction and Psychiatric Hospital is a patient-centred approach and teamwork by coordinated teams. The clinical therapeutic team consists of a Clinical Psychologist; a Counselling Psychologist; an Occupational Therapist; a Social Worker, an Addiction Counsellor; Psychiatrists and General Practitioners. The integration of the expertise of our different professionals results in a flexible, patient-centred and scientifically-sound basis for all interventions.

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