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    The Harmony Addiction & PSYCHIATRIC Group Offering:
    Welcome to the

    Harmony Addiction & Psychiatric Group

    Over the past 15 years our private addiction and psychiatric hospital in Cape Town, South Africa has offered holistic treatment for patients with dual-diagnosis disorders, helping thousands of people rebuild their lives, return home to their loved ones and lead a better life.

    We treat people suffering from chronic and progressive addiction to alcohol; drugs; prescription medication; food; sex; gambling process addictions; as well as a wide variety of co-morbid psychiatric conditions.

    About the Harmony Group

    The on-site multi-disciplinary team at Harmony Addiction and Psychiatric Hospital and Healthcare Group deliver professional, compassionate and solution-orientated care.

    Our therapeutic program is globally aligned, provides scientifically-proven treatment modalities and is at the forefront of clinical reasoning, combining the treatment of mental health and substance abuse.

    The Harmony Approach

    We have a full timetable of treatment offerings consisting of seven daily therapeutic groups, but also individualise aspects of the treatment program for each and every client.

    The comprehensive treatment program includes one-on-one therapy; group therapy; psycho-education, and workshops utilising many evidence-based treatment models with a strong focus on Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT); Mindfulness; EMDR; Breathwork; TRE; and the 12-step program. This, supported by an ideal location, gives our clients the best chance of fully recovering the first time they come to us.


    FULLY LICENSED facilities

    The Harmony Healthcare Group facilities are fully licensed facilities in South Africa, able to treat clients with substance use disorders as well as psychiatric conditions.

    specialised detox unit

    We are one of the few facilities with a specialised medically-managed detox unit with 24-hour care.

    A team of specialists

    We have a team of leading Psychiatrists, experienced detox General Practitioners, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Addiction Counsellors and registered Nurses.

    Ideal Location

    Based in the scenic valley of Hout Bay in Cape Town, South Africa, clients enjoy the beautiful surroundings whilst taking supervised walks on local beaches, mountain hikes and a local bird sanctuary, which is included in the daily treatment program.

    Trauma-Informed Treatment

    We have a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team on-site. Every team member represents what we stand for – caring, compassionate, professional, experienced and competent.

    Excellent Treatment Costs

    Our exceptional treatment at Harmony is both cost-effective and unparalleled. While numerous European establishments may offer comparable prices, they fall short when trying to deliver the same level of psychiatric care that we do.

    Comfortable Accommodation

    Harmony provides pleasant lodging options, including the choice of a personal room, delicious meals, recreational activities such as a tennis court, swimming pool, gym, along with table tennis and pool table available in the games room.

    educational groups

    Our patients spend more time with their psychiatrists than any other treatment facility (we know of) in the UK; Europe; Africa and Asia (with twice weekly individual sessions and four psychiatrist led interactive psycho-educational groups per week).


    Licensed by the Department of Health and the Department of Social Development as a private addiction and psychiatric hospital to treat patients with dual diagnosis. We provide a high level of medical and psychiatric support for those that require this.

    multi-disciplinary team

    We have a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team (on-site) consisting Medical Doctors; Psychiatrists; Psychologists; Occupational therapists; Social workers; Addiction counsellors; Recovery Support staff overseen by our hospital and clinical managers.

    Located in the Mother City

    Beautiful location with great weather. During set times within the Primary and Extended Care Treatment program patients get to enjoy the world-class beauty Cape Town, South Africa has to offer.

    The chance to get away

    Get away from the environment where you have been engaging in active addiction and heal.

    We strive to be
    your best chance
    of getting through this
    once and for all


    We integrate referrers into the treatment process from the beginning with a unique referrer case management/partnership model to ensure referrers are involved in the process (we also consult with prescribers about current medications and discuss any potential changes).


    We involve them in the treatment process and offer an online family program providing families with an introduction to their own recovery process which creates a foundation to rebuild healthy, honest relationships.


    We recognise the importance of a continuum of care to support our patients on their return home and their reintegration into their local community. Therefore, as part of the initial treatment cost, we continue to provide one-on-one sessions after the completion of inpatient treatment and we also provide online weekly aftercare for all our patients on a Saturday morning.

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